I’m a designer who lives and works in Costa Rica. I’m better known for my works on UX design and Branding, but also I do motion graphics (like what you see here). I have lots of experience in the digital world, I started as a web developer back in 2009 then made the gigantic  jump to design 6 years ago.
I’ve studied at Veritas Univeristy in San José, Costa Rica where I got my Visual and Communications Design degree, and ELISAVA Escola Universitària de Disseny i Enginyeria in Barcelona, Spain where I emphasized in Branding, Typography and Editorial Design. Both had been greats experiences into my formation and my vision of the world of design in general.
I love to help individuals and business communicate better with their audiences with graphic solutions and sometimes with 30 second audio commercials.
If you want to see my portfolio click the links below.
Have a nice one!